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Android Application Development Company in Patna - An Overview

Do you know that Android won the heart of nearby 70 percent of smartphone users in the world? Android app development has become a necessary to all sorts of businesses in this era. Custom Android app development can work very for your business. Globally nearly 800 million people love Android apps. This is a vast moment you can make at least few thousands of them as your patrons. Let us help you turn your knowledge into a game-changing app.

Our talented and excellence oriented team of Android App Developers, which resembles very much like brand Apple itself for its simple yet sophisticated approach to designs and product creation , assures us to offer you an appealing App very much acceptable by Android users. We know what you want. Shaping your idea into an Android Application, and sensationalizing it over market can never get easier with Android App Developers at Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd.

Expertise In Android Application Development Services:

  • Ideation and Feasibility Testing.
  • App Coding on Android SDK as per Apple guidelines.
  • Mobilisation of business which is been working on websites so far.
  • Android Mobile Apps pertaining to all possible industries.
  • App Store Management and Marketing.
  • Support and Maintenance of your ever running application.
  • Web Application Migration and Data Migration Services.
Our Patna based enthusing team of Android App Developers are proficient following Android services:

  • M-Commerce Android App.
  • Enterprise Management Android App.
  • Integrating GPS, Location/POIs based Real Time Android Applications.
  • 2nd Gaming/ game development Iphone App.
  • IOS In App Purchase, Integrating Push Notifications.
  • Barcode/ QR Scanner based Iphone Apps.
  • Finance/Banking Related Iphone Apps.
  • Calendar based Iphone Apps.
  • Video/Audio Streaming Iphone Apps.
  • Integration with Social Networking platforms(Facebook/Twitter).
  • Town/city guide/ Compass based Iphone Apps.
  • Admob, iAd integrated Apps.

Native android app development

Native app is a program which has been programmed in a specific programming language, for campaigns having specific OS. For example, Objective C is cast-off for iOS or Java for Android Phones. Such apps use the OS features and other software tools that are installed on that platform. They also have access to many phones features such as camera, gallery, contact list etc. Generally Native apps are gathered into machine code. Such provisions help native apps perform the best in a mobile device.

The native app development method is easy as well as there are many assets available, but it might not be something everyone can understand since it is fairly complex.

The main features of a native app are:

  • High degree reliability
  • Internet Apps
  • Easy but Fast Performance
  • Better User Experience
  • Supports both offline & online transactions

Hybrid android app development

Hybrid app is a program which is created using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript as well as wrapped in a native container. This native container loads maximum info on the page as soon as the user routes the application. There are lots of native online frameworks available, which can help you build a hybrid app.

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