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Pharmacy Management Software (Online/ Offline) in Patna

Key Features

  • Free Patient communication via SMS and email
  • Clinical Patient Services
  • Barcode scanning for quick and safe dispensing
  • Tablet PC dispensing module
  • Stock Control System
  • Multiple order pads with drug and drop functionality
  • Data accessible from any PC with secure data connection
  • Inventory management control
  • Prescription processing

Pharmacy Management Software & Services for Retail/Wholesale Distributors (Online/ Offline)

The Pharmacy Management Software also popular as the pharmacy management system or pharmacy information system is a system that stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication use process within pharmacies. Pharma Software boosts pharmacists to get to various records like: Billing information, Reports, Stock Details, and Order Management and so on. Currently, pharmacists must be continued by powerful, user-friendly Pharmacy Management Software which can navigate the complications of dispensing, inventory management and point of sale functions. RTS Pharmacy Software System provides an immediate platform to help pharmacist manage daily operation & resources. Pharmacy Software includes a series of key features that helps to improve sales and inventory management.

Why RTS Pharmacy Software Required?

Because hospital and pharmacy environmental are dynamic, our pharmacy software services are continually evaluated to meet today needs. RTS Pharmacy Management System benefits in many ways and also it makes the management very easy. RTS Pharmacy Software helps in addressing the shortages the work, smooth running of the pharmacy, getting prompt and correct report as and when required, and consolidated data storage with security.

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