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Paint & Hardware Shop: Billing & Accounting Software for Tiles, Sanitary & Ceramics – MSS | Multi Solution Software

  • Feature rich single solution to meet all your business needs
  • Handling multiple outlets, optional cloud solutions
  • Multilingual support, user define data fields
  • Integrates with utmost payment gateways
  • Proprietors dashboard with graphical data representation
  • Fully secure, granular access rights for each functionality
  • Full access to all Reports via smart phones
  • Client display screen, support for Limit display
  • Confidant e-commerce and Android Apps
  • Email and Text Message Integration, Graphic Interface.

Multi Solution Software- Retail/Wholesale for your Business.

Multi Solution Software by RTS is powerful tool specialized with rich single solution to meet all your business needs. Our extremely feature rich multi-solution software and its options to all small and mid-sized businesses. It is the perfect solution for business owners who are looking for a single solution to manage their entire business. Our products also provide very high end features of analytical reports & business intelligence. And as if that was not enough, business owners can also create complex customized reports and view to match complete needs.

In addition to being very efficient multi-shop software and is designed to make your life easier. Our products deliver powerful functionalities. Such functionalities will enable you to manage your easily & effectively. The key functionalities include management of sales, purchase, inventory taxation, financial accounting, suppliers, employees and customers. Our retail billing software also handles manufacturing needs with BOM (bill of material), customer relation management and printing of barcode stickers. Moreover our products have integrated text and emailing.

Special Features:-

  • SMS Alert on Every Transaction Form
  • Log File Generation/Action Report on Every Event
  • All Report in Excel/CSV/Word/PDF
  • Email Facility
  • User Wise Role Creation
  • User Friendly
  • Multi User/Multi Tasking
  • Auto Backup Facility/Manual Backup Facility
  • Financial Closing by user end
  • Invoice Generation on Round Robin System

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