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Before knowing about Payment Gateway Integration let us understand what a payment gateway is. A payment gateway creates a path between customer and business which ensures payments are made securely. Whether you are an e-commerce platform owner or running any kind of other business, payment gateway integration is crucial for you. To make the payment process easier you must consult one of the best company for payment gateway integration. And Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd. is expert in doing Payment Gateway Integration. Before this, you should understand what a payment gateway does. The payment gateway processes the customer’s credit card details by sending the data to gateway’s web server, then it makes the sale and sends confirmation back to the website. If you are facing difficulty in understanding it then contact our professionals who will make this complex process easier for you.

How does a Payment Gateway Work?

It is to be noted that payment gateway is the final step in the sales process. Payment Gateway encrypts the data they transmit due to security purposes. Let us understand this whole procedure step by step.

  • 1. When an individual places any order on an e-commerce platform they enter their credit card or debit card details for payment procedure and click on pay now button.
  • 2. The customer’s web browser then uses a secure socket layer what we call SSL to encrypt the credit card details for security purposes.
  • 3. The merchant then forwards the details to the payment gateway using a secure socket layer.
  • 4. The payment gateway will then forward the information to the accurate payment processor.
  • 5. The payment processor will send the information to the authentic credit card association.
  • 6. The credit card association listens to the request and responds back to the payment processor.
  • 7. The payment processor then forwards the answer received from the credit card association to the payment gateway.
  • 8. The payment gateway then forwards the same answer to both the customer and merchant. At this point they know whether or not the transaction was approved.
  • 9. Later on the merchant sends all approvals to the credit card company in batch form.

Finally, the credit card company transfers funds to the merchant for all credit card transactions that were approved.

This whole procedure is made easy when you choose one of the best company for Payment Gateway Integration like Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd. Earlier, only ecommerce companies used to get their payment gateway integration but as technology is evolving and the world is becoming digital most businesses are opting for this payment gateway integration.

How to choose the right payment gateway?

Before choosing the right payment gateway you need to have an idea regarding the types of payment gateways available in the market. Basically there are two types of payment gateways, first one is hosted payment gateways and second one is integrated payment gateways. Hosted payment gateways redirect a customer to the platform of a host network where the customer puts his or her details. On the other hand, Integrated payment gateways use an application programming interface to connect your business to gateway platforms. Both are secure and both can be used without any doubt for payment procedure. If you wish to know more about them in detail or want to contact one of the best company for Payment Gateway Integration then call us on 91-7488879710, 91-9234640485 or mail us at [email protected] to get your work done.

Secure Transactions

Integration of secure payment gateways ensures encrypted and safe transactions, protecting sensitive customer information.

Multiple Payment Options

Arrangement of visual elements in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing manner to guide the viewer's attention and convey information effectively.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Integration provides a smooth and user-friendly checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and improving conversion rates.

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Access to real-time transaction monitoring and reporting, allowing businesses to track payment status and resolve issues promptly.

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