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RTS: DCR Reporting online medical reporting software: Joint and Self Working – manager & senior can submit their whole day joint worked in DCR reporting from end to end online as per company permissions. Daily Call reporting is a truly an online pharma sales force automation software for pharmaceuticals, FMCG and other trades, which is a territory-wise, hierarchy-based and real-time system that works in existing clients. DCR Reporting Software is the just field force management and automation software powered with dynamic features. MR Reporting Integrates a sales lead tracking system to list existing customers, potential customers and related products and services. MR Reporting also helps to build a direct relationship between corporate headquarters, regional offices and the remote medical representative at all levels in the hierarchy.

DCR Reporting is a leading-edge software solution that empowers the pharmaceuticals and similar businesses with an end-to-end solution in managing the overall management in MR Reporting. The software is an innovative solution enabling the management of orders, DCR, samples & gifts, tour and expenses within a single platform. This web-based solution assists in well-organized DCR Reporting and data analysis for better decision making. The main features of this DCR Reporting Software are:

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