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Medical Representatives play a crucial role in the growth of pharmaceutical companies as their performance will decide whether a particular pharma company will enjoy a massive profit or face a loss. So, it becomes very important for pharma managers to keep an eye on their MRs. And doing this manually can be tougher than you can think of. But don’t worry Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd. is making it easier for you through high performing MR reporting software.

A sales rep management tool called MR Reporting Software has been developed by us to handle marketing and sales for the pharmaceutical industry. It is an advanced field management and automation tool that enables pharma managers to efficiently track the activities of medical representatives on the ground, manage their monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly schedules, check on their individual product promotions, and keep an eye on their overall performance. A huge number of pharma owners have acknowledged that after using MR Reporting Software they have witnessed better productivity and enhanced sales. If you too want to avail the benefits of MR Reporting Software then contact one of the best MR Reporting Software provider in India, Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd.

Benefits of MR Reporting Software
  • Daily Call Report: You can reduce expenditure by managing daily online/offline call reports through software. MRs can submit their DCR online including the details like doctors met, products discussed, booked orders, issued gifts, etc.
  • Job Scheduling: The field manager may fully automate the scheduling and management of each medical representative's field schedule thanks to the sales rep management software. It greatly lessens the amount of documentation that was to be done manually and speeds up the procedure.
  • Effective DCR Tracking: It is because of our MR reporting software, the pharmaceutical field managers can monitor the Daily Call Reports of the medical reps out in the field. They can quickly acquire information on incomplete DCR entries and spot forgeries in DCR submissions.
  • Manage Attendance: Pharma managers can also manage attendance of the medical representatives and other staff through MR reporting software. They can keep track of their attendance and leave requirements without any hustle.
  • Expense Generation: The software provided by us will help you in generating an error free expense report as it can automatically generate travel expenses based on a standard fare chart.

    Apart from the above mentioned there are many other benefits of MR Reporting Software but to avail the benefits of all of them you will have to contact one of the best MR Reporting Software provider in Patna,, Bihar Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd. We are not saying so but the clients impressed by the performance of our software have acknowledged this. We not only believe in selling the software to our clients but make sure they enjoy a great benefit from it. That’s why we ask them to attend a demo session even before purchasing the software, not only this. If they face any issues while using the software then they can contact our tech executives without any hesitation. And they are always ready to assist the clients in need. Our this very customer centric approach has made us one of the best MR Reporting Software provider in India. After reading all this, you must be thinking of contacting us,isn’t it. If it’s a big Yes then call us on 91-7488879710, 91-9234640485 or mail us at [email protected].

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