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Industrial Training

Industrial Training in Patna | Riya Techno Software

Our Software Development Training Course is designed to begin you on a way toward future studies in web & software development, no matter how much knowledge and experience you presently have. The field of the Internet is very vast and in case if you are a daily web user, you perhaps visit many websites daily, for different reasons like education, entertainment or business.

Industrial Training is one of the most essential features for an engineering student especially. This helps the student to gain industrial exposure and also get familiar with the environment of the business world he/she wishes to enter. But the most significant fact about industrial training is that it should be taken very seriously both by students and trainers. Six weeks industrial training holds the same importance as that of six months industrial training as it sets the platform for the student and can choose the technology in which he/she wants to enhance and train further. The experience and knowledge a student becomes in industrial training is of utmost importance.

Industrial Training is very essential. The student gets a planned to learn new technologies. A university is generally not in true with the latest industry requirements. To overcome this problem a student is given a period of six months for getting aware about the latest technologies of the industry. Six months industrial training is valuable for the students in one more ways. In addition to the technical skill accomplishment the particular candidate is also groomed on communication skills, interpersonal skills are very important while applying for a job. It is ask for all the engineering students to take their six months industrial training very sincerely for their better future.


  • Gain experience working with live projects.
  • To apply and implement the theoretical knowledge in the form of technical skills in real industry situations.
  • Introduce them with actual programming skills, coding, developing, and testing skills that are required in an individual to work in an industry.
  • The student generates an immense amount of exposure in company rather than an institution.
  • We evaluate the candidates and transform them to a technically sound professional.
  • During six months training student faces many problems while learning and working on technologies. But our professional guide and help them to solve their doubts.
  • We also dissolve our trainees in our company only. So, the student has a very good chance to do six months training and get placed in our company.
  • There is a continuous need to upgrade and update yourself every time, and get aware about latest skills and techniques, in- depth knowledge of some of the most cutting edge technologies like .Net, Java, Php. Riya Techno Software Pvt. Ltd. helps you to keep yourself upgraded.

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