Daily Call Report Management

Service Center Management Software

Software for DCR Reporting

Software Features:

  • Track work orders by serial#, customer, and description and unique number.
  • Warranty and non-warranty, depot and onsite labour as well as parts, freight and travel costs recorded.
  • Schedule technicians with promised times, priority code, repair location and estimated time for repair.
  • Designate work codes for different types of service work including hourly, flat rate or warranty fee based.
  • Analyze technician time and billings to generate payroll records.
  • Track warranty reimbursement.
  • Enter unlimited notes for each work code performed, resulting in a detailed and accurate work order.
  • Internal notes for tracking of the status of each work order.
  • Bill to a different client such as a third party warranty provider.
  • Record actual and billed hours and report on difference.

RTS: Service Center Management Software best for helping growing businesses build their ideal customers experience, create self service solutions, and grow over customer feedback and support.

Professional Service Center Management Software to enhance | Automobile Repair Workshop | Servicing Center | Mechanic Shops | Mobile/Computer Repair and Service | Genset, Battery and Inverter Service

RTS: Service Center Management Software (SMS) is complete solution designed and developed for service center management, solutions covering the entire growth from call registration, technical allocation, job done, workshop register, call closure and reporting for service centers. This Software is integrated, multi-user, online and linked in structure. It will run on a LAN environment using Visual Basic as front end. Our service center management software empowers teams to collaborate at high-velocity, so they can respond to business changes and bring unlimited clients and employee service knowledges fast. This software will assist you organize your service center, whether it’s in automotive, electronics or contract labour.

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