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Supermarket, SuperStore Software in Patna

Riya Techno Software: SuperMarket/Grocery/Kirana Store Software

SuperMarket – A Large Form of grocery store which offers a wide-ranging variety of food manmade and household products which is well organized into aisles. In supermarket business, accurate inventory information is important as several of the items are slight with limited niche exists.

Running a smooth checkout process is vital for any grocery store or supermarket. You need a system which is both reliable and efficient. This software is designed to provide you and your customers a Steller shopping experience. Use your own hardware, record transactions, identify sales and grant discounts with just a few clicks.

Exclusively Designed Software for SuperMarket Departmental Store

RTS- SuperMarket, SuperStore Software makes inventory/stock management easy as well as reduces dead-stock productions. Keep track of stock levels, generate invoices, and secure billing process.

Prevent over-stocking, or out-of-stock situations at your supermarket with efficient RTS – software for supermarket module which let you switch re-ordering, wastage, expiry and return of items. Use CRM tools to manage loyalty software package. Upscale Your Business with RTS – Software for SuperMarket & SuperStore in Patna, Bihar.

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