TRANSPORT Management System

Transport Management System

Transport Management Software in Patna

Transportation Management Software (Offline/Online) in Patna

Software Features: Benefits

  • Manage local road transport requests from other modules
  • Requests can be assigned to carriers & status can be tracked
  • Mobile enabled delivery tracking system to track data then and now.
  • Hire and manage third party transporters with accounts integration
  • Consolidation of goods based on volume, location & delivery time
  • E-Confirmation by customers / shipper on goods receiving / delivery
  • Integrated with scanner and barcode reader. Multiple documents scanning can be done and uploaded
  • Transport Request
  • Consolidated & Dedicated Trips
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Detailed delivery
  • Manage third party transporters with tariff
  • Enhanced Document Tracking System
  • Mobile App for driver with Signature facility
  • Provides analytic reports for data driven decision making

What is Transpotation Management Software?

Transport management software help transporters in managing the range of transportation management including planning & optimization decision making, optimizing budgets, master costs, execution, follow-up and measurement. It will define the most efficient transport schemes according to given parameters, which have a lower or higher prominence according to the user policy: transport cost, shorter lead-time, fewer stops possible to ensure quality, flows regrouping coefficient.

Ever changing business environment is inevitable, hence transport management software which has scalability, extend-ability and can be easily optimized and integrated is preferred choice for business owners as well as entrepreneurs.

RTS functions as a logistics management utility in a collaborative network of shipper, carriers, vendors and customers. Software modules helps the organization through better route planning and optimization, load optimization, execution, goods audit and payment, advanced shipping and inventory, order visibility and carrier management. It boost process execution as well as accountability by adding transparency to the transportation chain management.

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